InterFuze provides interdisciplinary engineering and operational approaches to enable the realization of successful solutions. Our experienced professionals use structured processes from concept through production, operation, and maintenance. We are a proven partner in assessing system and subsystem requirements. Leveraging our expertise in transforming information into knowledge for application, we improve existing or developing system and operational capabilities.

Our engineering and test services capabilities include a wide range of engineering technicians and trade skill personnel to perform materials testing, calibration, fabrication/assembly, and valve & component servicing. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Niche subject matter expert skillsets for some of the most diverse engineering and scientific research organizations in the world
  • Electronic Systems
  • Geospatial Analysis
  • Submersible Operations
  • Computer Engineering
  • Technical Documentation
  • Operation of test systems for active test installations across the US
  • Materials, propulsion, and environmental testing of human systems and aerodynamic components
  • Real-time collection of complex test data sets and post-process data analysis/assessment for test stakeholders
  • Scheduled and emergency calibration of unique Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment (IMTE)
  • Flight and non-flight hardware fabrication

6705 Odyssey Drive NW
Huntsville, AL  35806

Fax: 256.382.9707

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