training and security programs

Training Programs

InterFuze provides highly skilled and certified instructors to develop, redesign and maintain classroom and field training materials utilizing the latest technology in platform instruction following standard Instructional Systems Design (ISD) processes to ensure our Nation’s warfighters and support staff are prepared for the job ahead.

  • Design and maintain unique syllabi of instruction (SOI) training materials to deliver innovative and effective interactive courseware development in the areas of Combat Mission Ready (CMR) and Advanced Tactical Readiness (ATR) for DoD customers
  • Leverage a mastery of source materials to establish, operate, and coordinate simulation and education devices for specific training instances which encompass the areas of aircraft configuration, Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD), counter-IED, and EOD robotics, environmental/flight conditions, geographic area and threat environment
  • Research and employ Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) to provide comprehensive instructor and training support that provides the most current information and tools to the warfighter

Security Programs

The protection of civilian and military lives and assets is crucial to the success of our Nation’s military and government missions, particularly within R&D and test environments which often exist in highly classified facilities. InterFuze provides extensively skilled personnel to deliver the highest level of physical and investigative security program services to our customers. Our expert employees provide services to:

  • Conduct background investigations on U.S. citizens for the purpose of determining their suitability to access sensitive or classified U.S. Government information at all levels
  • Investigate cases of fraud, waste, abuse and criminal activity occurring in facilities managed by our customers
  • Provide 24/7 armed and non-armed security guards which meet the highest standards of all required federal, state, and local regulations, particularly as pertains to carrying weapons on a government facility
  • Provide security forces responsible for safeguarding munition storage areas, range target areas, and base operations where the highest levels of access control are critical ensure safety

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